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Our every day seems to have changed its meaning. It means narrowed options and less interaction. Work, for many, is performed from home, including our TEAMS colleagues. But with the arrival of Spring, the world around us comes to life. The season of rebirth, growth, change, and creativity has come. Even though life inside our studios is still restricted, we have captured the surge of new energy and inspiration outdoors, which is vital for everyone, especially for creative minds.

We asked our TEAMS team to share those impressions of their cities these days.


“In the Midwest, we experience the extremes of each season. Winters usually drag on with their cold and grey dreariness, full of polar vortexes and almost arctic conditions. As soon as spring arrives, I feel like life begins again in the city of Chicago. In April, the entire Chicago area is full of colors, the city plants hundreds of tulips on State street and the tree outside my window explodes with purple flowers. The Riverwalk is full of people walking around, and the Lake Shore trail once again flows with joggers and cyclists. Even amidst the pandemic, being able to finally walk around the neighborhoods and parks has been such a calming change of pace. Usually, the city lights up with a lot of activities, gaining momentum for a summer full of neighborhood festivals and concerts. This year already has a buzz, although limited with the pandemic, where a few -people are sitting outside at restaurant patios and spending time playing soccer in the parks.”

Mike Herbert, Senior Industrial Designer at TEAMS Chicago


"Sometimes, even when seasons change on the calendar, the weather doesn't want to follow along. While it's currently spring in the Chicagoland area, the weather likes to give us reminders of the season we just left by giving us random bursts of cold, gloomy weather. Yet even with those mini bursts of winter invading spring, the city and suburbs still comes alive to welcome a new change of warmth and fresh air. Spring in Chicago brings a new life to the area giving everyone a chance to enjoy the clear blue sky we have been wanting for so long even. I see more people out in parks enjoying the range of colors spring gives us with greener grass and budding flowers/trees. Nothing will stop a Chicagoans from enjoying the start of spring, not even the unwelcomed reminder of winter."

Miranda Rickhoff, Junior UI/UX & Industrial Designer at TEAMS Chicago


“Coming from a city like Bogotá, I was amazed by how green Hamburg is and the amount of water everywhere, which I love. This year, as the previous one, we have not been able to enjoy the city life as usual, but somehow this has forced people to spend more time outdoors and migrate to the open, greener spots. Spring 2021 was delayed weather-wise, but now the sun shines more, the trees started to bloom, and the flowers decorate the ground. I see people celebrating the beginning of lighter and warmer days and looking forward to better times to come, myself included.”

Diana Izquierdo, Communication Designer at TEAMS Hamburg


"In Hamburg, you see the beginning of the spring season by its people. The Nordlichter (northern lights), as people from Hamburg are called, leave their cozy homes to enjoy every raw ray of sunshine. The coffee shops in the streets fill the city with more life, and the beautiful sunny spots near the water are quickly occupied. Especially due to the pandemic, people meet more often outside in the pleasant temperatures to exchange ideas. It seems that in a city with usually a lot of movement, personal and human contacts become much more important."

Florian Flocke, UI-Interaction Designer at TEAMS Hamburg


"I live in a land house in Shanghai French Concession. Last spring, due to the Pandemic, I stayed home from February to June and had to spend spring in my room. I silently watched the reincarnation of nature through the window, the Phoenix tree outside my window, from falling catkins to growing new buds to blooming faint purple flowers, passed by people with masks. This year, the vaccine came along with spring. Vaccines provided us with physical protection and allowed us to go out more confidently and with a sense of security. I was no more watching the spring through the window! We get to open the door, walk under the tree, reach out and hold the petals when the wind blows it off, and feel the vitality that spring brings. This spring, what is more, worthy of joy than the freedom vaccines brought to us?"

Yunfan Xia, Lead Branding Designer at TEAMS Shanghai


"Springtime in Shanghai is by far the most welcomed of the seasons when the temperature hits that perfect sweet spot between sunny and fresh. When I first joined TEAMS Shanghai in June, I immediately admired the surroundings. It was a delicate juxtapose between the old and new, with lane houses and historical architecture entwined with the modern scrapers of the iconic Shanghai bund. We're always on the lookout for hidden restaurants and other gems around the corner when we're not basking in the sun on our quaint rooftop. Since April last year, the situation with COVID has gotten laxer. This has allowed us to enjoy more outdoor activities here in Shanghai like bi-weekly football sessions with the team members. We also sometimes like to cycle along the riverbank on those special sunny days and enjoy the blue sky, green fields, and the gentle shanghai breeze."

Ronnie Wu, Business Development Assistant at TEAMS Shanghai


"These days, you really start to feel the power of the sun again. Although you know it in theory, it really surprised me to realize how much impact the weather change can have on your mood. Last weekend we went out to the park close to our flat as we did it a lot throughout the previous year. But this time, you can hear pairs of people happily chatting together, see the colorful flowers growing everywhere and feel the warm sun shining on your skin. In a moment like this, spring makes you forget the difficulties we are facing and lets you remember that there are brighter days to come"

Joscha Schuberth, Manager Strategic Design Industrial Design Department at TEAMS Esslingen




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