This is Infinity, the Adaptable Bike Rack

SKS Germany

Collaborating with a Market Leader

SKS Germany TEAMS Engineering Development Design Bike Bike Accessories
SKS German is a leading bike accessories manufacturer, established in 1921 and with a global reputation for high quality, function, and design. Synonym for German manufacturing standards.

Modular, Customizable

TEAMS partnered with SKS Germany to design and realize the Infinity bike rack, a modular system that allows SKS to minimize development time for bike racks significantly.

Instead of developing time-consuming individual racks for each bike model, this modular system enables SKS to configure a bike rack for all bike models in no time. Now, they’re able to provide bike producers with small bike series with the benefit of a modular system: former long development times are now substituted by only small configuration effort and short delivery time.

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