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Drawing As Communication Tool

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As designers, we know that one sketch is worth a thousand words when presenting ideas, concepts, shapes, details, mechanisms, etc.

In thinking processes, drawing is a good way of letting ideas flow, and it should be an essential step for team collaboration in any field since it is also a fast way of depicting thoughts and get everyone on the same page.

A Simple But Yet Powerful Visual Resource

If you want your communication to be more effective with others, think of drawing as a powerful visual tool to generate and pass on ideas. Sketching does not need to be perfect but functional. To achieve rapid and effective communicative sketching, it is nevertheless, useful to learn some basic concepts and get to practice.

Effectively Sketching

Within our sketching workshops for professionals, we aim to help groups and individuals to feel more comfortable with drawing. In a workshop session that usually lasts 2 days, we give tools to approach a problem through sketching. The participants get some time to think “out of the box”, have fun while drawing and become more confident in expressing their ideas. If you are interested in having a sketching workshop session to improve the way you communicate your ideas, contact us!

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