Reclaiming the City for Cyclists


Reclaim our cities for bicycling – Nüwiel partners with TEAMS to bring their vision to reality, designing bike accessories that encourage commuting via bicycle.

Hamburg-based start-up Nüwiel plans to introduce an electrically assisted bike trailer. With a drive train and sensor system, Nüwiel assists and balances the efforts of pulling high trailer loads. It supports the trailer and towing bike with exceptional power, multiplying the possibilities of use. Together with TEAMS, the urban design with its unique wooden box makes a statement on the streets.


"The design echoes our Hamburg heritage," said Kai, manager industrial design & communication at TEAMS. "If you take a close look at the assisted bike trailer, the top canvas protects against year-round weather conditions. The wooden, bottom base resembles Hamburg's Hanseatic nature and affiliation with water and ships," he said. Sustainable materials resonate with the healthy brand message with a focus on friendliness and easy handling for the cyclist.


Hamburg's bicycle infrastructure is growing, bringing even more commuters out of their cars and onto Hamburg's bike paths. Our team, along with Nüwiel plans to open up entirely new experiences for our Hamburg residents and visitors.

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