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BASF | Putao | TEAMS

An overwhelming demand for toys that promote safe and educational play inspired the prototype for a pedagogic children’s toy, created together by TEAMS, BASF and Putao Technology. The new series is unlocking an innovative path to open-ended play.


Showing how innovative materials can be applied to design, our team developed new toy concepts by integrating children into the process. Luo An, TEAMS president Asia Pacific said,


“We used ux research and usability testing to make sure our design story was on the right path.” 

The final result is a modulus brick that helps kids learn and build through special scenarios, facilitating better skills in logical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. The design of the toy incorporates lights, sounds, and moving parts to prompt youngsters to look for innovative solutions. Luo An added, “In the future, the series could be extended, for a more complicated program and learning through coding.”

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Together our teams applied BASF’s new food-safe grade Ultradur® polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) to the toy to keep children safe and healthy while at play. This means that the toys are safe when put in the mouth, do not contain paint, and are non-scratch. 

The prototype was presented at CHINAPLAS 2017 “Design x Innovation” event. On the same occasion, An Luo delivered a presentation about the future of education for children, trends in emerging countries, as well as TEAMS’ experience in developing innovative new toys.


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