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Two New Categories in the Outdoor Cleaning Market

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"With fascinating products and a powerful design, we encourage and mobilize more people to participate in inevitable household activities."

Ingo Gutjahr, Director Strategic Design TEAMS Esslingen

More than five decades ago, TEAMS and Kärcher started a successful collaboration history understanding user’s needs and developing a wide range of cleaning appliances.

Kärcher, the world's largest manufacturer of cleaning systems, has recently added two new devices and categories to their extensive portfolio.

Focusing on ergonomics, and usability, TEAMS has supported Kärcher with the design realization, optimization of ergonomics, usability, and comfort of both products, the terrace cleaner PCL4, and the Battery weed-killer Kärcher WRE4.

Terrace Cleaning Made Simpler

Specially designed for terrace cleaning tasks, the new Kärcher PCL4 combines scrubbing and rinsing, without wasting much water. Other advantages of the PCL4: Versatility for various exterior surfaces, and ergonomics. More info of the terrace cleaner advantages here.

Pain-Free, Weed-Free

Some of the features of the new Kärcher WRE4 battery weed remover include a cleaning head that can be angled to reach even the most difficult places, so the user does not need to bend.

Rotating brushes, adjustable height, a telescopic handle, and parking positions during work and suspension option for storage. More info about features and advantages here.

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