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Hardware and Software


International Experience Design Conference

Innovation Design Thinking Workshops Sketching Communication Creativity 2018

In July 2018, the International Experience Design Conference -IXDC 2018- was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. This year's topic at IXDC was "construct a new framework for UX."

An Luo and Ying Wang hosting vivid IXD workshop

TEAMS Shanghai president, An Luo, and User Experience Manager, Ying Wang, hosted an entertaining workshop together on the topic of how to generate solutions from multiple stakeholders with different interests. By using the intel classmate (a classroom laptop) as an example, they described how to use design thinking in detail, in complex design projects, and especially how to capture and balance different needs of involved stakeholder.


It’s All About User Experience – But which framework to choose?

Whether from such summit workshops or convention speeches, it is easy to discover that especially on hardware (product) design there is a broader definition and understanding of how “experience design” could be generated and what that means and implicates. It is obvious that there is no “ universal golden route” that could be used generally. 

IXD managers will still have to rely on their experience to navigate between different IXD frameworks and processes, using the best IXD approach for their special projects.