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from ISPO 2018

ISPO Munich 2018

Trendspotting at The Largest Trade Fair for Sports Business

Trend Report Market Research Trade Fair Sports 2018


Customer’s interests and preferences take the center stage, development is rooted in user's needs. Customizable solutions are demanded in all kinds of sports. Modularity means not having to settle for what you get out of the box, it provides the flexibility of having it your way without additional weight.

Digitized Sports

The digitization of sports brings endless possibilities. From development to retail, no link in the chain will stay as it is. By using AR/VR/Scanning/Rapid Manufacturing technologies, individuals can be measured, and products designed, presented, and produced instantly in-store. With new possibilities, people’s needs are constantly becoming more specific, we are curious how far the branch can go with digitalization the next couple of years.

Pervasive Fuse-Knit

Seamless integration opens up new aesthetics as well as functional possibilities. Sewing all in one gives textile products an exciting homogenous appeal. This production method allows adding features to the product without using various production methods or additional material.

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