Diving Into the NextGen Climate and Water Building Systems

ISH Frankfurt 2019

Intelligent Building Technology

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The ISH Frankfurt is an international industry show showcasing responsible water and energy management in buildings. It provides an overview of trends and innovations every year, already announcing the next generation of technology. We were thrilled with the next generation of products shown at ISH Frankfurt this year as well. Here are our impressions!

Urban Functionality

"Smart technology for life in the city"

Today, data-driven technology controls our living spaces, our private and workspaces. The processing of information in the common use of climate and water controls enables sustainable consumption. The customer may experience the professional level quality of controls and experience design that reinforces the brand. The high quality of life is promoted with responsible handling of the climate and use of water.

Smart Urban Building Technology

"The city is an ecosystem for modern society"

Today, cities' buildings are measured and controlled in a manner far ahead of other energy consumers such as transport and industry. In the combination of building services, building renovation, new architecture, and energy recovery, the high-tech buildings today only consume 20% of what conventional ones do.

Digital Home

"Easy-to-use technology for the home"

Controlling the climate in your own home is getting easier. Technology is presented in smart hardware design and operated on mobile or large, clear screens which provide an optimal overview of the climate at home and offer possibilities for individual use.

Next Generation Technology

"The digital revolution in climate and water control is a reality"

Data from the living space and the buildings flow together centrally. These are analyzed and then control the energy balance in a user-centered manner.

The New Living Room

"Bathing culture invades living spaces”

The bathroom culture is moving into other spaces and partly replacing the kitchen living area. The aesthetics of the bathroom are reinvented. The tub, shower, toilet, and sink are now distributed throughout the apartment. The bathroom begins to dissolve. Physical culture and an emotional combination of living and well-being become one.

Water Adventure

"Water for dreams and relaxation"

Showering will be a water experience. The need for health, relaxation and the associated physical culture move the shower and water experience into the center of attention.

Material Pure

"A revival for our feelings"

The bathroom culture will be an experience space for our senses. The urban human being disconnects from nature in their everyday life, but with a mix of natural and high-tech materials, the atmosphere and experience for the senses will get back into the living space. Water and climate will be a daily design adventure with stone, wood, steel, advanced materials, as well as with color combinations.

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