Closing The Two
Wheeler Market Gap

TEAMS Shanghai

International Bicycle Exhibition

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The 28th International China Bicycle Exhibition, held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center from the 6th to the 9th of May attracted to attend serval leading companies in the bicycle industry. The Fair offered the latest bicycle related exhibits, and it was an excellent platform for people to communicate and learn more about the cycling industry.

Don’t be fooled by the name of this exhibition; although it may sound like this show has always been packed with tons of pretty-looking bikes, the traditional market of two-wheeled vehicles had too little to offer a decade or two back. Only a couple of varieties of bicycles and a few variations of gasoline-powered motorcycles were available.

The New Era for Bicycles

Nowadays, the limited bike option is no longer the case, especially in the Peoples’ Republic of China. Innovation in this part of the world has exponentially increased over the past few years, with the advent battery technology and the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable ways of transport. This spur of innovation is also fueled by the woes of the Chinese towards air pollution and the substantial support from the local government to companies and startups developing these cleaner modes of transport.

Whereas in other parts of the world, traditional formats like gasoline-powered motorcycles or regular bikes dominate the market, China seems to be different. Chinese innovators are closing the vacant gaps between these conventional formats by introducing hybrids of varieties rarely seen elsewhere.

Creative Exhibits

Once you take a walk down this exhibition, you can clearly see products from the entire gamut of possible variations between motorcycle and bikes.  From non-motorized bicycles of multiple formats (city, hybrid, terrain, foldable, etc.), to bicycles with electric low-power motors that assist the cyclist in need of a surge, like on an upward slope, or take off from a traffic light.

After staring at these innovations, one can turn right and find tens of companies exhibiting their batteries and power packs (containers for batteries) in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Further down, performance bikes are equipped with more powerful motors and bigger batteries. At this point, you could lose sight of when and at what point a bicycle has become a motorcycle. Further on, one can find a lot of stalls with bigger, better and more diverse collections of batteries and power packs.

Excited, but slightly overwhelmed by all this, you continue further only to find more variations and options – the show just gets better and better.

By the end of the tour, we asked ourselves a profound question – what is a bicycle?

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