The Most Anticipated (and Unanticipated) Trends

IFA Show 2019

Things we Expect to See - and Hate to See Again From a Designer's Perspective

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“In terms of design as well as technology, products in the entertainment sector absolutely require to be considered from all sides to work. At the same time, they are becoming either more mobile and more handsome, or more sculptural, a piece of art."

Kai Gehrmann, Creative Director TEAMS Hamburg

The 2019 IFA will hit the grounds in Berlin this Friday, so we’ve compiled our very own “most anticipated & unanticipated TEAMS trend forecast.” Things we expect to see — Things we would love to see — And things we honestly do not want to see again, but probably won’t have a chance to avoid anyway…


After research and observation on the latest IFA shows, Kai Gehrmann, TEAMS Hamburg creative director, compiles in an article the trends to expect at this years’ show. Read TEAMS IFA pre-report, now published on Medium.


Stay tuned to TEAMS updates from IFA 2019 and the aftershow report!

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