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At TEAMS, we have an open dialogue about topics we deal with on a daily basis and those for which we are passionate about. That is the reason behind our ongoing series of current and future trends in different fields that concern us. We are researching, preparing and publishing these series to share all about TEAMS innovation culture.

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Trend Research: E- Bikes

It is a fact that E-bikes are entirely present now and are becoming more affordable even at high quality.

In these series, we share thoughts about the e-bike renaissance as one of the solutions for the new urban mobility. Are cities around the world ready to adopt this mobility system?

How connectivity looks like to be useful on two wheels and the benefits of digitized services around bikes is our second trend topic of the series.

The third and last part give us a glimpse into the innovative e-bike market and its most promising concepts in the open field between motorcycle, scooter, and bike.

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Trend Research: Autonomous Driving

Wondering how we will interact with cars in the future?

In our series about Automotive trends, we talk about personalization inside vehicles, as well as the new possibilities and concepts of connected cars.

Contextually-aware vehicles, which is to say cars that are intelligent enough to understand itself, it’s driver, and its environment is also a trending topic within our series. Concluding, we show six new ways we will interact with vehicles in the future.

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