Cross-cultural Experiences From Hungary to China

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Levente Szabo

TEAMS Profile is designed to introduce all of our members by sharing their unique life experiences and personalities. Here, we are featuring the Design Vice President from our Shanghai studio, Levente Szabo.

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Were It All Began

Levente was finishing his Master’s Degree in Budapest, Hungary while he was already working as an intern for the global household and consumer product organization Electrolux / AEG in Stockholm, Sweden. This opportunity came from the 1st prize of an international design competition, Electrolux Design Lab, which he won in 2007.


During his time at the university, he was also involved with other sponsored projects such as transportation design projects with Mercedes-Benz and interior projects with Hansgrohe.

Back in Stockholm Levente wasn’t only learning about design in a large corporation but also opening his eyes to the Swedish culture and mentality.

“Scandinavian design is one of the most influencing approaches to all of us in Europe and around the world. It’s rational and natural at the same time, pure and elegant while still logical.”

After his graduation, Levente received an opportunity to join Electrolux in their Italian studio in the Venice area as a professional designer. Accepting this offer, he traveled to northern Italy and worked for Electrolux-Zanussi for over five years.


During this time, he became a Senior Industrial Designer and later a Consultant Design Lead, coordinating global design projects. This journey allowed him to travel around the world and be part of the research and development processes in North America, Egypt and across Europe.

"In Italy, the culture is so rich that you get inspiration from every moment of your day. The gastronomy, nature, the art, and the people give you such a spark of inspiration, so you understand why Italian design is so emotional," he says.


Falling in love with gastronomy and wines, Levente was inspired and started to produce his own wines in Hungary – purely for joy.

Joining The TEAM

After spending half of a decade in Italy, Levente was looking for new challenges, so he applied to TEAMS in 2014, and he became a Manager of Strategic Design in our Esslingen studio. He was responsible for several projects such as Bosch power tools and garden tools, coffee machines for Philips, healthcare products for Siemens and many other projects.

Esslingen is located in a beautiful Swabian area, full of nature and perfect roads for Porsche and Mercedes cars. Seizing this opportunity, Levente enjoyed one of his hobbies, riding motorbikes in his free time.

New Vibrant Horizons

While he was traveling to China for a global project, Levente was inspired by the energy of the East. He felt that China was a land of opportunities in the design field and a world of everyday innovation and great developments. After several trips, the management offered him a position as Vice President of Design in our Shanghai studio to bring the cross-cultural experiences and knowledge to our team.

Today, Levente is responsible for global clients and company strategy at TEAMS Shanghai.

"I love Design and the fact that people are working together to create something great for the future and to make people's lives easier and more joyful.

I believe that an international team is able to bring so much energy to our daily work that our clients and partners are receiving the best solutions every time," Levente explains.

He is fascinated with the Chinese and Asian culture. By traveling, he is trying to pick up even more experiences and knowledge to widen his view and implement this learning into his everyday work and life.

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