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Cradle to Cradle

On The Way to a Sustainable Economy

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We humans can leave a large positive footprint on our planet instead of trying to reduce our negative footprint! This is the core statement of the Cradle to Cradle concept.

Senior Industrial & UX Designer Paul Stawenow TEAMS
"The cradle-to-cradle approach turns humans from harmful to beneficial. This is a powerful image that can release a lot of energy and creativity for what we humans have loved to do since ancient times: design."

Paul Stawenow, TEAMS Hamburg Senior Industrial & UX Designer

At the beginning of February, the C2C Congress took place in Berlin and showed the latest developments on the way to a sustainable economy. We at TEAMS also want to contribute to change with our services and joined the event.

The response was very encouraging. More than 1000 participants discussed the growing number of examples from a wide range of industries: From the textile industry to agriculture and automotive engineering. The urgency of the climate crisis also seems to be opening up new political opportunities.

The event was an opportunity for Paul Stawenow, Senior Industrial & UX Designer at TEAMS Hamburg, to share his view on the role of design in the C2C approach. Read his insights into the role of design in developing sustainable products now on Medium.


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