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Three days of non-stop tech presentations on the world’s biggest stage for consumer electronics leaves one overwhelmed with the amount of innovation (macro and mini) on it’s way in the world. Yet, amidst all of the consumer gadgets (strange and superb) and intricate installations, there were a few major themes that dominated the show in Las Vegas. Here’s our top 5 takeaways from CES 2018.

Humans Become Healthier

There was a great focus on technologies centered around human health. From nonintrusive monitoring systems, to preventative health tech, to self-care and lifestyle curation, companies are seeing huge possibilities in analyzing and utilizing the vast insights about one’s own health. The difficulty though is as soon as this data is made available is that the barrier in understanding what the data means and how it affects individuals is still a wide gap and needs to be presented more use-friendly.

Human-Tech Immersion Deepens

Continuing as a theme from previous CES Events, human-tech integrations & immersive experiences have intesified. VR & AR is more convincing; more intuitive interactions dominate our relationship with the tech & digital world, and augmentations to our native condition are more intimately connected to our daily activities. There was still a lot of over- promising / under-delivering, often with less convincing digital experiences, but overall huge steps made towards our deepening relationship.

Humans Have Helpers Everywhere

It was hard to ignore the repeated integrations and presence of physical / digital assistants in every area of the show. Appliances & services connected with Hey Google or Alexa were omnipresent; Specialized robotic companions for every task have are in our households & services; Commercial vehicles are auto-equipped with varying levels of autonomous assistance features; and A.I. is making a huge impact anywhere it can. The dialogue is evolving away from fearing such companions, but rather to increasing relatability & acceptance.

Habitats are Enriched & Empowered

If confined to a single touchpoint or device, the the prospect of assistance in our daily lives becomes somewhat limited. A huge statement was made that the future requires that the world around us comes to life to understand and respond to our needs more readily. At some points it felt a bit forced or thoughtless to add a wifi or bluetooth integration to everything, yet almost every household appliance, maintanence system and environmental service was in someway newly outfitted with integrations allowing for connected communications.

Systems Outfitted for Positive Impact

A resounding message broadcast across many industries & innovations this year was the need to rethink / design systems which leave a positive impact on society. Accessible home-gardening setups to reduce produce consumption; Unwasteful & responsible energy distribution systems; Sustainably manufactured product materials to offset plastic waste; More efficient & viable city transportion systems built on connected sharing economies instead of personal mass consumption. We want to see a bright future, so organizations are responding in a big way to transform & equip business models for long-term positive impact.

Into the Future

We were pretty overwhelmed and blown away by a lot of the technologies presented at CES 2018. Though there are many opportunities where these technologies are still developing and finding their way forward, in general there was a very positive and exciting buzz during the entire event.

Seeing so many organizations not only push the limits of their tech, but also responsibly and ethically look at bringing a better world forward for humanity in the future was encouraging & inspiring. We’re already planning ahead for the next event in 2019 to see another year’s worth of advances!

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