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For more than 60 years, TEAMS has been a strategic partner for the BOSCH Group in various business areas as an innovation and design consultant. With excellent design work, our studios in Germany, China and the USA are shaping the global brand image of Bosch. Among other things, we have played a decisive role in ensuring that the BOSCH Power Tools Division has been extremely successful for decades and has shown strong growth rates. Over several product generations, we have helped shape the brand message through design. The results of the collaboration between TEAMS and BOSCH therefore speak for themselves. We keep the brand alive, innovate, adapt to future trends and customer needs, and integrate connectivity. In global markets, our work for the strategic design of BOSCH products has enabled brilliant product adaptations to regional user requirements. Yet the brand's unchanged quality and core attributes remain equally recognizable in concept, design and usability. 

“I am honored that for so many years BOSCH has had great confidence in the competence of TEAMS to ensure their sustainable success. And I am particularly proud of the fact that we are the global partner for BOSCH thanks to our extremely close cooperation with our subsidiaries in China and the USA. ”

Hans-Peter Aglassinger, Managing partner of TEAMS

“TEAMS Shanghai has witnessed the growth of the Bosch brand in Eastern developing countries. Through our close strategic design cooperation with Bosch in Asia, we have been able to help them successfully integrate into local cultures and get closer to local consumers, creating the ultimate Bosch brand experience.”   

Luo An, President TEAMS Asia-Pacific

“At TEAMS Chicago, we have fostered a vibrant relationship with BOSCH NA and the American market through global, strategic alignment and customer workshops. The American DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and commercial trades market has given us a unique opportunity for co-creation and user feedback, most recently resulting in the cordless revolution among other innovations.”   

Andreas Bell, President TEAMS USA

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