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Bosch Plantect

Smarter Agriculture

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Farmers have to battle against the whims of nature and act quickly to save their crops when there's a risk of infection. Bosch Plantect helps increase their chances of having good harvests.


In close collaboration with scientists, marketing, and UX team from Bosch Japan, and Bosch Sensor Engineering in Germany, TEAMS developed the hardware of Plantect, a sensor system that helps farmers to collect highly accurate data from the environment such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, and warns farmers if there's risk of infection on the crops, thus reducing the use of protection agents up to 50%. Plantect was awarded a Good Design Award in 2017.

At TEAMS, we are joining the digital revolution to transform agriculture for good. 

“Japanese farming culture is special because the majority of agricultural production is owned by family-driven small farms, so this flexible system was especially created to meet their needs."

Vincent Hasenmayer, Strategic Design Director TEAMS Esslingen

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