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AWE Shanghai 2021

Making the Future Smarter

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The AWE Appliance & Electronics World Expo Shanghai is one of the world's three major home appliance exhibitions.

What stands out in particular?

AWE Shanghai 2021, held after CV19, showcased fewer international brands. We see this as an almost unique opportunity to focus on Chinese appliance manufacturers.

In this report, you will be taken through the top trends from the exhibition, collected from our Shanghai team. Enjoy!

Style, Form-Factor

  • Build-in devices stay minimalistic, sharp, and precise geometrical.
  • Stand-alone appliances tend to have more reassuring and rounded features.
  • A new mix of “rounded retro” and focuses on a playful youth.


  • Highlighting/surrounding Interaction areas with Chrome/Gold bevels.
  • Voice and gesture interactions for straightforward devices such as hoods are rising.
  • Smart home/IoT conquers surfaces and appliances (smart glass, smart mirror, smart hood).


More playful CMF customization options for your home appliances, from dark to bright.


  • White is still popular for clean and hygiene touch.
  • Gold continues to be premium in China.
  • Dark tones are the new black, new premium.
  • “Cute pastels” attract and rising towards youthful target groups.



  • Granite style as surface treatment for more kitchen devices (hoods, ovens, fridges).
  • Textile/fabrics (mostly seen on hi-fi or entertainment devices up until now) advance as a surface treatment to make electronics better fit into the living room environment (AC, purifiers).
  • Wood or Wood-like details in a similar way, now also conquering the kitchen from small to large appliances.


Matte is the modern subtle.

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