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The AWE Appliance & Electronics World Expo is one of the three major home appliance exhibitions in the world, held in Shanghai. We attended this year’s exhibition to see national and international exhibitors and spot the latest design and technology trends within home appliances, consumer electronics and intelligent living.

Design in its Minimal Expression

Inspired by Braun and Apple, most of the manufacturers have been aiming for radical minimalism in their designs during the last years. Home appliances are now designed to blend with our environment and architecture. Smart products hiding functions, embedded in walls and ceilings are offering us smart living and reducing clutter from our lives.

On the other hand, some brands are pursuing an iconic, functional and architectural-looking product design aesthetic, standing out when compared to other home appliances.

CMF: Lively and Reflective

In classic Chinese culture, all colors are welcomed. Red is the priority color and may be found everywhere, especially during the Chinese new year and other holiday celebrations and family gatherings.  Certain typical Chinese patterns bring wealth and luck. In traditional faith, red is also used in product decoration. The mirror effect within smart AI in products would resemble a “magic mirror”.

Natural User Interfaces

Products can talk and think to best serve our lives. Smart-home AI is offering systems to free our hands from remote controls. Some of these systems allow us to control devices with just our hand gestures, relying on sensors such as cameras, accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

Technology: Holistic Smart Living

A.I. systems have started permeating human life in recent years: smart home-systems, controlled from the car when the user is not at home. Smart laundry with embedded cameras offer advice on the best washing method depending on cloth materials. Smart bedrooms with beds that detect temperature, heart rate and movement to ensure sleep quality, and smart toilets with mirrors and devices that analyse healthcare and diagnose.

Transparent display technology that reproduces high contrast images onto a large transparent glass was another trend spotted at the fair.

Other insights

The new naked eye 3D display allows us to see design truer and in stereo.

Panasonic showcased a new way of opening two doors by sharing one linkage. This is the best way to save space in small kitchens.

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