Transferring Brand
Heritage to New Markets


Safety First

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Entering the commercial aviation market, AUTOFLUG was looking for an experienced design studio that could work very harmoniously and effectively with their development teams to develop an intricate helicopter passenger seating system.

The design had to pave the way for a modernized visual identity of AUTOFLUG's products and properly reflect their brand personality. Safety, weight, versatility and low production costs were the main priorities, but they were also one of the biggest challenges to combine into a promising design solution together with AUTOFLUG's development team.

Lightweight – A Strong Challenge

Due to the modularity of the system and the strict technical requirements of the composite lightweight structures - which have to withstand toughest forces up to 30G - the design realization and design detailing in this project was very demanding and equally restrictive.

Revamped Seats

Nevertheless, In the end, we created a one-of-a-kind visual language with design elements highlighting maximum safety, sleek lightweight structuring and an intriguing seat impact system, based on our strategic brand-and customer- centered design approach.

First showcased at HeliExpo Las Vegas in 2018. The creative design process is exceeding the high expectations of AUTOFLUG.

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