Introducing our Jr. Industrial Designer Cole!


Welcome Cole!

TEAMS Spirit Chicago Design Community Agencylife Industrial Designer

We are delighted to welcome our new member to our flourishing squad in Chicago. Cole Stapleton, has been an intern at TEAMS and decided to stay and support us as a Junior Industrial Designer!

Welcome to our hood, Cole!

TEAMS because...
...I was looking for a place to jumpstart my career as a designer. The talent, expertise, and mentorship at TEAMS made it a phenomenal place to do just that.
Before TEAMS... 
...I studied Industrial Design at Purdue University and worked as a wind turbine technician in between semesters.
Your no-go?
Running the entire adobe creative suite at once.
Your go-to?
Restaurants with a Michelin stars.
What problem would you like to solve?
Flying cars.
Your order at the bar?
Crown Royal and Coca Cola.

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