Ahoi, Christian!


Welkom, Christian!

TEAMS Spirit Hamburg Design Community Agencylife Senior Lead Industrial Designer



We work hard to foster a close-knit community of employees at TEAMS. Let's welcome Christian, who took a plunge to move from the Netherlands to join us in Hamburg on September 1st as a Senior Lead Industrial Designer.



"I am Christian and have lived and worked in the Netherlands for the past 15 years, among others at Philips Design. I have a son who is already 13 and also two fat Maine Coon cats."

Christian Geiger, Senior Lead Industrial Designer at TEAMS Hamburg


TEAMS because...
... I spent years as a lone wolf and I wanted to work in a real team again and with TEAMS the name says it all.


Before TEAMS...  
... I was an independent designer for a very long time, but I also spent some time working for Ultimaker (3D printer). An even longer time ago, I graduated from Muthesius University in Kiel as an industrial designer. 


Dubbed movies and loud motorcycles 


... the beach


What problem would you like to be able to solve?  
Misinformation and pollution 


Your no. 1 order at the bar?  
Mostly Fritz-Cola or Vitamalz. But to calm down sometimes hot milk with honey, maybe with a shot. 

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