Lens Technology Communication System

UVEX - Goggle Lenses

Lens Technology Branding & Communication System Development

Communication Strategy Technology Naming Storytelling

UVEX’s focal point is "protecting people.” With that strong statement as our starting point, we created a memorable system for naming the UVEX lens technologies as well as a campaign communicating the extraordinary user experience and enhanced vision that these lenses create.

Communication System

Our first objective was to conceive the core idea for the campaign focusing on the superior technology of UVEX. We created a strategic and emotional lead story, thereby classifying the technologies, functionalities, and uses. Then we focused on graphic detailing and the definition of a precise visual language.

Design Is In the Details

Prior to the design process, we completed in-depth research on competitors, adjacent markets, naming structures, and the UVEX technologies. With these valuable insights, we developed a naming strategy based on emotional connections to the brand and product, highlighting the extraordinary winter sports user experience the lenses provide. The visual language focuses on the athletes, the action, and their moments of victory, thus creating a correlation between clear vision and competitive success.

Clear vision leads to success. Emphasizing UVEX lens technologies as the brand’s unique feature, defining a self-explanatory system to communicate the technology to distributors and clients, as well as an emotional core story.

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