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Learnings from a Versatile Design Environment Applied to a Master Thesis

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TEAMS assigns internships in Industrial Design, Transportation Design, and Interaction Design at least twice a year at all locations.

In this article, we’re featuring Jo Krüger, a Mobility Design student from FH Joanneum in Graz, who completed a 6-month internship at TEAMS Hamburg. He also decided to write his master thesis at TEAMS while supporting and learning from the team and projects.

Public Mobility - Social Mobility

In the context of Social Mobility, the topic of Jo's master's thesis is the public transport system. He addresses the question of how to make the system more attractive. More specifically, it is about improving the system in the sense that it does not become the transportation mode that is chosen compulsorily and without alternative, but which people choose consciously and willingly.

In his work, Jo takes into account topics that concern the coexistence of people and the environment. The approach of his master thesis is based on social impulses. He wants to make mobility again a shared experience for people with interpersonal communication and interaction.

"A fighter can only get stronger by competing against rivals who are stronger than he is. And that's how I see it in design. I can only become a better designer by surrounding myself with people who can do things better than me."

TEAMS: Interdisciplinarity, Multiculturality and Theory - Praxis Connection

When it comes to writing his master's thesis, TEAMS is an excellent source of inspiration for Jo. Here he meets a multicultural team and gains new perspectives that broaden his horizons. Jo says he also benefits from the interdisciplinary team, which offers a wealth of experience in various product categories. He expects this to provide him with new perspectives and a positive influence on his master's thesis.

Other Student Projects Supported by TEAMS

In the past, we have already supported several students, such as Clarissa Kutzner, Thomas Buehner, Caleb Hallock, and Leonard Blum, at our various locations worldwide with their final theses.

Please check out our open positions here if you are interested in gaining experience while supporting TEAMS as an intern or trainee.

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