Introducing our Shanghai Studio

TEAMS Shanghai

New Insights Into the Asian Market

Not only does the TEAMS Shanghai studio have a long history of providing design services to local industries and global enterprises in the APAC market, but also being part of a global collaboration with other TEAMS offices and clients. The studio is nearly 12 years old, located in an inspiring and creative hub in a central area of Shanghai.

Our studio is a business collaboration with our clients and a source of motivation for our designers, who take part in a collaborative journey every day. TEAMS is about teamwork and joint expertise, a place where everyone openly provides their best to create something great. This mentality is the essence that can be felt in each project and skill we provide.

Rooted in industrial design, TEAMS Shanghai has realized that our design world is changing and we need to offer more than just a beautiful and useful product. We want to understand the market and user’s behavior to plan and offer even better experiences. By thinking further about the products TEAMS offers, and offering strategic planning to better prepare companies to plan for their own future, we can focus on any product, brand or service from a unique perspective.

Today and Tomorrow

At TEAMS Shanghai we believe we must always be at the forefront of design, keeping up-to-date, fresh and renewable. Design is changing, products are changing, technology is updating rapidly, users are becoming more sophisticated and critical when it comes to usability and product experience.

Brands should offer a holistic experience which helps customers and users feel comfort and satisfaction, while products should provide joy and tranquility in one’s everyday life.

We realized that most of our largest clients, such as Bosch or Hitachi, are looking for a partnership to find the best strategy for their product experience. Day by day, we realize that product experience strategy becomes the core of our studio. We have created flexible methods that can adapt to individual client needs. Everything starts with the understanding of our client, their goal and their mindset. Research is not only about understanding the user’s behavior but also understanding the different stakeholders.

Regional Culture Influences

TEAMS’ goal is to offer user-centric design all around the world. One of our tools to achieve this is UXD, User Experience Design. This methodology allows us to understand the users and customers in a way that we can transfer our findings to the design phase. It’s a continuous relationship between research and design. The Asian market is one of the agilest when it comes to user behavior and technology.

Rapid development drives usability trends in a faster evolution. “New” is attractive to users and people are looking for new things, either in products or technology. Globalization is becoming more akin to “glocalization”, bringing together global trends and molding them into a local benefit, or using a local mentality to create their own interpretation based on local needs.

Using minimal product design trends as a base, the Chinese market must create added value. This translates to keeping it simple but adding something that you can use as a status symbol or simply highlight a key feature. Finding the balance in aesthetics can also be challenging to designers. Users in Asia prefer simple and elegant products but they are also attracted by sophisticated details and value perceived through additional elements, such as real materials, light, and additional features.

At TEAMS we are fully aware of emerging needs, not just aesthetics. Our design methodologies find new ways to support the improvement of people’s daily lives, such as ease of use and efficiency driven products. We have found these special needs in China, India and Malaysia, some supporting local businesses. Cost saving and new production methodologies are key to survive in a competitive market, but so is adding user-centric value.

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