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A warm welcome to our new team members Tim Krahmer, Senior Design Engineer, and Ariana Rubi Gomez, Front-End Developer who recently joined TEAMS Hamburg!

Ariana Rubi Gomez, Front-End Developer

Ariana’s journey has been long and diverse. Originally from a cute little town in the mountains of deep Mexico, she has been stumbling between the arts and hard sciences. At the age of 15, she realized her future in the classical guitar, only until she eventually found her profound attraction to maths and physics.


When confronted with the big decision of a university degree, the Visual Arts captivated her creative spirit, where she had to spend hours drawing human figures, mastering classical painting technics and -bearing with great pleasure- the hardship of clay sculpture.

“As a Visual Artist & Developer, I discovered the incredible world lying between art and technology. Humanities and Engineering merged can introduce various possibilities to further expand the way products are created."

Ariana Rubi Gomez, Front-end Developer at TEAMS Hamburg

It did not take long until she discovered the vast possibilities that the digital world had to offer. In this new universe for her, the potential for creation expanded in so many different ways, but particularly in one: likewise thinking about a new piece of art, where understanding the behavior of your medium is not enough, programming software applications required a solid, deep work on the concept behind the endeavor.

Nothing happens at random: there are no products of chance in software development. Everything plays a role in the big schema of things. Identifying the underlying patterns that let a piece of code work became a sort of intellectual addiction for her.

Tim Krahmer, Senior Designer Engineer

Tim's job with us closes the circle for him. He grew up very close to Hamburg, but his design career has taken him besides Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden already as far as India. Now he is happy to be back in the city on the Elbe.


Before joining Teams, he taught at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, among others, and developed vehicle concepts for the automotive and bicycle industries. However, Tim is particularly interested in open-source design. He has also caused quite a stir internationally with his projects in this field.   

“Our artificial environment is so oversaturated with pointless products that we have as many words for them as primitive peoples have for snow. As designers, we have it in our hands to change that - with better, sustainably meaningful products”.

Tim Krahmer, Senior Design Engineer at TEAMS Hamburg

Since his youth, he has been fascinated by technical devices, which he still likes to disassemble today to maintain them and find the underlying cause of their function. He is particularly fond of musical instruments and bicycles. He also enjoys riding his bike in and around Hamburg.

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