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NEXT Conference

Good to be back!

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With this year's NEXT Conference, we have gotten a piece of normality back. At the same time, the C-19 digitalization learnings were implemented successfully: 80% of the conference participants interacted with NEXT via live stream.

Need for Sustainability


While one of the largest FFF demonstrations took place on the streets of Hamburg, Mark Curtis shared some exciting insights on upcoming design tasks and guidelines, as well as the measurability of sustainable user experiences.


The need for action is crucial. The climate crisis is here and it's time to act accordingly.


He focused on how we as designers can create innovative ways to improve consumer behavior rather than continuously increase it.

Civilization 3.0

In addition to digital trends, Parag Khanna talked about #futuremap and Civilization 3.0 where seasonal movements are possible, nations spend money on water desalination and clean energy, and the vagaries of human geography are better accounted for.

"Those places where climate change is making them less habitable have growing populations. Those that are likely to remain habitable, have declining populations. Nobody is going to tell us how to fix this. We have to figure out how to have a better balance of the human species across the planet." – Dr. Parag Khanna


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