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“Megatrends are not only surface movements, but deep currents of change. They are long-term processes of change with enormous dimensions and effects. Megatrends are not one-dimensional, but rather diverse and interconnected. They unfold their dynamics in a cross-sectional manner [...] across all social and economic areas.” Source: Zukunftsinstitut

Portrait of Oliver Keller Creative Director Strategy and Product

"Analyzing the influence chain of trend development, trend influence value and focus change and transforming it into design guidelines is a decisive factor for the success of a product."

Oliver Keller, TEAMS Hamburg Creative Director Strategy and Product

Megatrends are characterized by the fact that they do not only affect one demographic or target group but rather the entire population. And this happens over a long period of time, causing fundamental change in people’s thinking and actions. How we think, our values and what we focus on determines how we consume: what do we look for when choosing a product, what do we buy in the first place?

Successful products react to this in a targeted and timely manner. The ability and methodology to strategically mediate between the factors of trend development, influencing, consumer thinking and construction of value systems of the focus point is one of the essential aspects of our strategic design process, which brings the topic of brand identity (branding) as a further decisive factor. Analyzing the influence chain of trend development, trend influence values and focus change and converting it into design guidelines is a crucial factor for the success of a product.


The events in spring of 2020 show such a megatrend in a highly compressed form. Topics such as hygiene, safety, etc. have come into focus in extremely short time and are now anchored in our value system. Those who develop strategically and purposefully can implement these trends and changes in values to success. Especially with TEAMS!

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