Plastic Fantastic

K-Trade Show Düsseldorf

Innovations and Challenges for Materials

K-Tradeshow K2019 Plastic Tradeshow Market research E-mobility Automation
"Bringing digital technologies together with new physical materials. This is a solution for the future."

Ulrich Schweig, Managing Partner TEAMS Hamburg

K-Düsseldorf 2019 envisioned what the future might look like! Plastic manufacturers presented improvements on the quality of plastic, processing, and how to turn ideas into product solutions. We expect this new way of thinking to define future product development.


"E-Mobility can't be achieved without us"  say the major plastic producers.

Automatic Processes

The production processes within the plastic industry are mostly automated. An advancing data-based AI controls the operations and solves any errors that occur in the process.

Smart Materials

High quality and intelligent materials are emerging technologies in the textile industry today. Renowned manufacturers are experimenting with the basic material "CARDION" to break new ground. 

Next Mobility

For many years bike manufacturers have been successfully bringing "Next Mobility" to cities. They use the new possibilities offered by plastics to position various segments such as sport, trekking, and leisure as an alternative means of transportation in the market.

The market is developing in an exciting way and with useful applications.

Young Robots

Thanks to our young professionals, robots are on their way. Start-Ups and young technology groups are using new materials to get closer and closer to complex motion sequences of a human paired with AI.

Mobile Time Capsule

E-Mobility and autonomous driving can't exist without the plastic manufacturers. Mobile time capsules for tomorrow's mobility contain surfaces and structures for an interactive and communicative feel-good climate.

Endless Possibilities

From the development laboratories of the chemical industry, we obtain materials that offer infinite possibilities. The challenge is to use them sustainably for the requirements of society and the living space. The portfolio of manufacturers is virtually inexhaustible.

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