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Within the mobility industry, autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity and individualization technologies are pushing big corporations to embrace disruptive and open innovation.

HELLA consulted TEAMS to provide training workshops to inspire the internal innovation environment, evaluate advanced technologies and applications, consolidate focus areas for deal flows and develop disruptive mindsets within their employees.

Creating Value and Catching The Bigger Picture

To make sure the solutions we provided are useful and creating value for the user, we always start with user research and observation, to investigate users' needs and expectations. As part of the Design Thinking Process, building empathy with the end users, we are creating solutions for people’s real-life situations, neither just from our angle nor own preference.

In sessions like this one, the initial question "why" makes the participants think about the user's essential motivations and goals, and then ideate around them with the design tools. The team was encouraged to change perspectives, be more creative and catch a bigger view. In the end, the solution's form is not the most important, but rather the value this solution offers to the user. Ideas can also be diverse. All those factors determine, in the evaluation phase, the best solution.

Defining Better Business Opportunities

Implementing such methods wides the scope of perception to extract and define more and better business opportunities. Development departments and stakeholders get holistic overviews of product life cycles and potential investments or trade-offs from an early stage.

Creating business prototypes and product concepts with a generative approach from the beginning helps to develop more sustainable business models.

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