Insights From ISPO Munich

ISPO 2019


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We visited the leading international trade show for sports goods and fashion ISPO 2019 in Munich. We have compiled the three most relevant topics seen at the show.


The sports & outdoor equipment industry focuses increasingly on protecting what they need most for their success: The beautiful outdoors. We observed different strategies:  Materials like parachute fabric or plastic bottles are reused for high-performance jackets. Natural fibers replace synthetic ones to avoid micro-plastic pollution. Biodegradable materials are used to make the whole product compostable.  In addition a range of initiatives engages in protecting the beautiful treasures of our earth – it is a hopeful sign that the industry is answering the customer’s request for sustainability.

Structural Patterns

Inspired by generative design, structural patterns on rigid surfaces as well as knitted and woven fabrics are highly complex and detailed.

Wearable Tech

Wearable Technologies can be defined as connected electronics and technologies which are worn close to, on, or even inside the body. The market for Wearable Technologies has gone through multiple cycles of hypergrowth but will mature to a more predictable and consistent growth pattern. There are numerous types of devices with a multitude of applications, and many of them are now hitting the consumer mass-market. 

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