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At ISPO Munich 2020, the exhibitors presented the trends of the new decade. Time to take a look at the industry innovations. From megatrends such as neo-ecology to future mobility, the sports industry is entering a new decade. Which trends will be significant?

The megatrends Neo-Ecology, Digitization, Mobility will shape the sports industry in the next ten to fifteen years, according to Susa Schreiner: Socio-cultural trends and, consequently, consumer trends can be derived from these global developments.

Sustainability Closed-Loop Economy

Number one trend is -as the years before- sustainability. Quite obvious, since you better care about what your business depends on: a clean and enjoyable outdoor environment. Trend scientists at the "Zukunftsinstitut," the German Institut for future research in Frankfurt, declare neo-ecology to be the most important megatrend of the 2020s. The consumer trend becomes an economic factor; an individual philosophy of life becomes a global identity.

Mentionable products are the Adidas Futurecraft collections using Primaloft insulation. Jochen Lagemann, Senior Vice President/Managing Director Europe & Asia PrimaLoft: "We have been researching and developing here for some time. In the meantime, independent tests have shown that our PrimaLoft bio-fibers are renewable in the sense of true recycling management. In this process, polyester is broken down into its constituent parts, which can then be completely processed into new basic material for technical materials without any loss of performance - over and over again." ( Further mentionable Brands are Bergans with their "Collection of tomorrow" and Veja, with the "Post-Petroleum" running shoe.

If consumer goods are questioned more critically, a trend developing from that are communities becoming more and more important for the people, just like regionality and fair trade. Topics that are also playing an increasingly important role in the sports industry, as the example of Enda sportswear from Kenya, proves.

Clothing Technology, Digital Solutions, and Mobility

Even Neil Armstrong must envy today's athletes seeing the latest gear. Unseen innovation and technology are creating a next-level user experience. Some nice examples are the Helly Hansen Arctic Patrol Modular Parka, and the Mammut Halo Outfit.

As we stated in other articles, smart mobility will be formula for the future for urban regions. The Cowboy Bike has been awarded with the ISPO Brandnew Award for being the smartest future mobility solution.

Urban Outdoor

“Emerged from a longing for more nature in the city, Urban Outdoor has become synonymous with a more sustainable lifestyle and a sense of nature in the middle of the city. It has become a real marketplace and continues to show increasing trends. According to Eric Yung, Vice-President International at Polartec, the fusion of function with fashion to be casual tech will be a market with massive potential which already became real”. (


“For the US technology producer Gore-Tex, it is clear that design and technology will become even more important in the future outdoor sector: For example, the trend is towards light, very comfortable shoes with a fit like stockings, coupled with an urban design of knitted shafts or shafts made of very soft leather.” (

"In combination with narrow silhouettes, flat soles, other sole rubbers, and profiles. Waterproofness, in tandem with climate comfort, will play an even greater role in this respect.

Multifunctional outdoor shoes with urban style stand for versatility and independence from weather and style.”(

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