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IMA-Life Lynfinity

Accelerating Medicinal Research Efforts

TEAMS IMALife Pharmaindustry Healthcare Healthtech User Experience Medical Design Interaction Design

IMA Group partnered with us to introduce a new pharmaceutical lab unit to accelerate medicinal research efforts.
They leveraged their scientific and engineering knowledge to create a highly expedited production process for small batch research laboratories.

We reworked the internal component layout for improvements to the ergonomics and user experience from the inside out, including a redesign of the UI to match the state-of-the-art internal technology.


Understanding the Issue

The team met for an intensive one-day workshop to hash out the technology, constraints, requirements, and user experience. To aid in developing the UX journey properly, we created a full-scale, 10ft tall mockup that we could reconfigure to test different user paths.




TEAMS and IMA-Life challenged each other with a successful collaboration, creating or consulting on every drawing, wireframe, model, and part of this product. The needs of our users were used as a guiding light, constrained by a 
unique technology, and expressed through user-centric design.

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