TEAMS at the IFA 19 and the Late Hangover

IFA 2019

Highlights from one of the Top Tech Trade Shows in Europe

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By the way: IFA originally means International Radio Exhibition and was founded in 1924. Throughout its history, numerous world novelties have begun their journey at one of the oldest industrial fairs in Germany and top tech trade shows in Europe.

We visited the IFA19, to check out the latest innovations in technology and consumer electronics, spot some trends and get inspired.

„Watch it Now“ but See Nothing

8K will be the final station of screen resolutions. Up to 50 million pixels working better than your eyes. The challenge now is to put them in the largest possible screens and controlling them precisely.

TVs Like Furniture

Another Future TV results in collaboration with Vitra. Real wooden materials and invisible screens perfectly integrated OLED technology into any contemporary home environment.

The Real Batman Tumbler

Big exhibitors like Panasonic and Sony advertise with Hollywood their camera and screen technologies.


Long announced and with a few bug fixes, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, first foldable smartphone screen, still looks a bit rudimentary... but somehow and someone had to start it once.

Massive LG Installation

More than 250 LG OLED screens are curved to a huge wave. It‘s insane and sort of hypnotic.

Street Art Fridges

Refrigerators can no longer be described as „white goods“. There are going to be more colorful and individual, just as a wardrobe for your bedroom.

Talking with Your Oven

The refrigerator door as a control station is already known. But video chat with the oven door from Haier is new.

The Secret Behind It

Why does the rollable TV of LG Signature not bend when extending? …the OLED foil has slim blinds on the back, which are held by a scissors construction.

TV Art Gallery

Samsung’s colorful frames make the tv look like a framed picture hanging on the wall or standing on a tripod. Minimal and charming style, that blends with a wide range of interior styles and moods.

White Helpers

Once again from Samsung, there are robot concepts to see. Robotic arms stir in the pot while you have to cut the onions. Oh great!

Spies in your Shelf

Intelligent solutions in simple shapes more or less decorate the home. Such as your own weather station or burglar protection from Netatmo.

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