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The IDSA Chicago chapter organized a one-day Women in Design conference in the R5 space on October 20th 2018. Over 150 designers both male and female, gathered to hear a diverse group of female designers speak. Kat Reiser, Communications Chair of the Chicago Chapter of IDSA, was the lead organizer for the sold-out event. Designers and students that travelled from all over the country to attend.

The discussions explored a broad range of topics including women designers in history, the issues of traditional portfolio-based hiring, the increase in women designers in design leadership positions as well as shared personal experiences. At the end there was a panel of all the female entrepreneurs that answered audience questions about their challenges and successes.

TEAMS Design Vice President & Creative Director USA, Marianne Grisdale, was one of the guest speakers. She is one of the very few women at a leadership level of a global design firm. Marianne spoke on how shame and negative emotions drive human behaviour. She stressed how learning to find the shame and guilt points in any experience so that they may be avoided may be used for better project and personal outcomes.

Former TEAMS USA alum, Julia Burke talked about finding her own design voice and how it helped her find her way in the design world.

The event was capped off by a party. Great conversations and networking commenced with pizza and drinks generously donated by MHub.

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