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IAA 2019

Insights from the World's Most Prominent Car Expo

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The biggest German Car show, the IAA 2019 came to an end a couple of days ago in Frankfurt. We visited the IAA19 to check out the latest car innovations and interaction concepts, spot new trends and look at the future of mobility.

“Solutions for the World of Tomorrow”

It seems that electric cars are finally getting off the ground. That said, it is not surprising that a lot of car brands present their solutions for the electric vehicles of the world of tomorrow. This IAA also turns out to be a catwalk for e-charger solutions.

Connected Mobility

The suppliers of the automotive industry presented great ideas for the e-mobility service of the future. Concepts from Continental, Bosch, Schäffler, and Microsoft are strongly focused on the optimal use of time and technology. What all concepts have in common is the right use of software. So it's no wonder that some significant German car-makers are already collaborating to confront this cost-intensive component.

Product Design…

Nothing new on the side of the product design itself. All we saw displayed at the show was something we saw coming. On the other hand, development on the UI - IxD field was broader and insightful.

Automotive HMI

A fascinating topic is the handling of automotive Human Machine Interfaces. Since this sector has no standard yet, automakers are experimenting with the amount of screens, sizes, as well as different interaction concepts.

Some automakers are trying to use established touch interactions to interact directly on display, and some provide an external remote to interact. This experimental journey feels a little bit like the early-stage development of mobile- and smartphones.

UI Design

Mercedes is still trapped at the beginning of the 2010's regarding their dashboard interfaces which include glossy elements and fake 3D environment icons. Porsche’s new Taycan presented a minimal, functional UI Design with high contrast and no room for decorative elements.


Another diverse topic is the variety and amount of dashboard screens. Byton, who is launching their role out at the end of the year, focuses on one extra-wide screen combined with a remote tablet solution whilst the Honda electric car comes with 6-screens including the side mirror views.

Autonomous Driving

An exciting shift in the supplier's sector. A strong focus on autonomous driving experiences. Apart from a handful of self-driving vehicles, suppliers present their innovative solution for the handover of Level 4 to Level 5 autonomous driving.

It is questionable which concept and aspects of interactions are going to provide the best user solution. Nevertheless, it is going to be an exciting future topic, not only for the car industry, where we are going to keep a close eye on.

Greenpeace - The Biggest Contribution to the IAA?

It was remarkable to see the Greenpeace protest taking place at the Volkswagen booth, perfectly timed with Cancellor Merkel’s visit. Interesting as peoples’ reaction to it.

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