The Oldest Challenge of Mankind Still is One of The Toughest

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Today, every 2nd farm in Germany is using smart technology already to face the challenges of a global food production industry. In the following years, agriculture as we knew it will transform fundamentally. Willing or not.

Soil degradation, huge demand for land for agriculture, and the growing population rate are some of the challenges that the global agricultural industry is facing. In our latest medium article, Oliver Keller, Creative Director at TEAMS Hamburg, and Reinold Durstberger analyse some of these topics and the open possibilities for innovation to create sustainable solutions.

Read the first part of the new series now on Medium, and stay tuned to the upcoming articles of this series.

Ecological Agriculture & Technical Innovation

Modern industrialized agriculture turns out to be quite inefficient after all. It's effects on our environment, especially the soil used for farming, are severe. The FAO reckons we might have only 60 years left before the earth's fertile grounds are ruined.


The number of people to feed is rising whilst the soil productivity of our earth is in dramatic decline (first article).

How to address this problem? Here is our first idea: AI managed permacultures. The biological diversity of permaculture is hardly manageable for one farmer. But still a doable job for an AI and automated machinery. Read our second article on Medium, to find out why and how.

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