Between Design Tools and Modular Synthesizers


Meet Gerry Mayer and His Experimental Soundscapes

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Electrical Engineering Manager and Industrial Designer at TEAMS Chicago, Gerry Mayer, has been making music and exploring the world of Modular Synthesis in his free time. This type of synthesizer comes in modular boxes that you can rearrange and plug together in different configurations using external patch cables, which allows for more profound control into the design of a sound, encouraging the freedom to create wildly experimental soundscapes.


Gerry has been building and refining his synthesizer set up over the years, which currently looks like a spaceship cockpit. The ergonomics have changed over the years to become smaller and more closely clustered together, so everything is there within an arm’s reach during a performance.

As part of the TEAMS Global group that made the Duality Design and Engineering Philosophy video for Hitachi, Gerry wrote the musical score for the video which was released in 2021. To find more of Gerry’s music, listen over at

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