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Welcome on Board Miranda and Nicholas!

Teams Chicago TEAMS Spirit Junior UI/UX Industrial Designer



We are excited about our new staff members in Chicago, Miranda Rickhoff as Junior UI/UX and Industrial Designer and Nicholas Garcia as Junior Industrial Designer.

Nicholas Garcia

Nicholas was born and raised in Miami, where he had the opportunity to spend his high school years at a school called DASH, notorious for developing talented artists and designers alike. There he was given many opportunities to explore his creative side, winning awards for fine arts, and developing a taste and skill for industrial design.

Inspired to become a designer, he worked endlessly for days and nights, building a portfolio that’d eventually attract recruiters from the college for Creative Studies, In Detroit Michigan, who eventually offered him a full ride to attend their institution.

Reluctantly, he said goodbye to the beach and traveled to the frigid North where he spent the last few years studying and meeting new people who’d change his life. Through them, he learned the importance of studying hard and devoting time to living life. He enjoys mountain biking, long road trips and travel, spontaneous adventures, and dancing with his friends.

"As an Industrial Designer, I strive to turn everyday objects into functional works of art that people can value, celebrate and connect with on a personal level."

Nicholas Garcia, TEAMS Chicago Junior Industrial Designer.

Miranda Rickhoff

As a recent graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Miranda experienced both Graphic and Industrial Design firsthand with personal and professional projects ranging from toys for children with disabilities to mobile apps for university safety.

With an interest in Japanese pop culture, paper crafting and model making, she is able to take her hobbies to explore both fields of design. With recently having the opportunity to speak overseas to graphic design students at Musashino Art University in Tokyo Japan.

Miranda is committed to understanding how someone interacts with something and explore how it can be improved on different levels of design. 

"Understanding the user and how they interact with their surroundings allows me to improve their experience with products, applications or services, from digital to physical."

Miranda Rickhoff, TEAMS Chicago Junior UI/UX and Industrial Designer.

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