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Felix Cordes, our Manager Strategic Design at TEAMS Stuttgart, has been telling design projects as stories in sound and vision since he was a student.

What used to be just a healthy obsession is now part of his profession.

To date, he has developed and produced several videos and CGI campaigns for our clients - always with a focus on strategy, storytelling, details, and emotion. Before each video project we do, he reflects on what story the product itself is trying to tell, and how this can be visualized into a simple emotional message.

„I believe that to make a truly great promotional video you need to understand the product, its essence, and the user. As an industrial designer, this is where I start to connect the dots."

Felix Cordes, Manager Strategic Design at TEAMS

As an Industrial Designer, Felix wholeheartedly understands how to properly spotlight a product.

His hybrid position allows him to interconnect product development as well as product marketing for us.







Check out some of his projects, he has brought to life for us:


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