Trend Report From The World's Largest Bike Trade Show


Eurobike Exhibition 2018

Trend Report Market Research Technology Bicycles 2018

The EUROBIKE Show is the world`s leading trade fair for the cycling industry. This event showcases major trends and innovations from different areas about bicycles and all areas around. To give you an idea of what is happening in the world of the cycling industry, we compiled the most relevant, interesting and fascinating developments in this report.

Cargo Bikes

Transporting a lower amount of cargo, but being quicker and more flexible is a requirement of urban traffic pushing the e-cargo trend, even if sales numbers are still small. Being long, cumbersome and hard to store, most e-cargo bikes were unpractical in the end, considering for example parking and storage. This is why some new e-cargo bikes are worth mentioning since they bring in a valuable solution.

Benno BikesTernRiese & Müller, and others offer great new concepts.


The e-bike market is diversifying. From hardly visible engines to almost-motorcycles, there still is plenty of room for interesting concepts.


Biking is going digital! Cycling communities emerge and grow through apps like Strava or COBI.BIKE that connect your smartphone with your bike and everything important like safety, comfort, friends and fun. Also home training is reaching new levels with adapting bikestations for your livingroom and the software around.

Styling & Integration

Becoming more and more design aware, bicycles of today and the future are super styled down to the smallest detail. Worth mentioning are Scott bikes with nice hydroforming details, collaborations like Mercedes with Argon, smaller companies like Kappstein aside the bigger players like stromer or haibike. Lights and displays are integrated and more and more details which were standard parts before are getting a custom fit.


Urban safety solutions for cyclists are gaining importance. For seeing and be seen, there are many smart lighting products and apps that are integrated into the bicycle, helmet, accessories or appear just reflective. Besides brake lights, anti-theft products like the loxi bag that can store things and lock your bike are noteworthy.

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