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The Impact of Design on Business

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How does design impact your business success? Throughout sectors and markets, design is a factor that can make the difference between the businesses that grow and those that don't.


Design does not only mean a new product feature or the right color choice. Through design and creative processes, we can understand and meet user needs, as well as uncover insights at all levels of the business.

The Rapid Success of Jack Fabric Spreading Machine

After the visual brand language's success on JACK sewing machines, designed by TEAMS, the company started the extension on sewing production lines launching the JACK Fabric Spreading Machine.


The new machine type quickly covered 18% of the market and made 38.5 million USD turnover within only one and a half years of launch.


TEAMS created the strategy to set the brand apart from its competitors and redesigned JACK's corporate identity all the way to its services, spaces, communication, and digital experience. This latest family member shows which significantly impact a strategic design approach can have for a brand.


Design is not a luxury but a necessity.

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