The Duality Design Philosophy

Johnson Controls – Hitachi

The Connection Between Two Elements

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We are proud to present The Duality Design Philosophy by Johnson Controls - Hitachi, based on the idea of solving real user needs and deliver “Living Harmony” to living spaces with comfortable, clean Hitachi air.

The concept behind this philosophy and the carefully crafted final piece is the result of close work between Johnson Controls – Hitachi and TEAMS. The Duality Design Philosophy communicates the notion of connections beyond borders and compliments.

Detailed information about this Design philosophy, can be found on the website from Hitachi.

“We came up with design values that creates the product from two different perspectives. And we found the fact that users don’t want to see a product in their environment, they want to feel the results, they want to have solutions to create a comfortable environment.”

Levente Szabo, Strategic Lead, TEAMS Global

“We are trying to create solutions that work harmoniously in all of the environments that you live in, play in, work in, and it is how we take care of the air quality in these spaces.”

Lawrence Chu, Global Director of GPM Consumer Design UX & CIoT


Hitachi Air Wall Controller, created in Collaboration between Johnson Controls – Hitachi and TEAMS, is a multi-awarded product conceived under this design philosophy. Learn more about the project, here.

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