How Culture Affects Design Philosophy


Insights from Different Angles and Inspiring Points of View

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We agree with Kirby Ferguson, who says creativity comes from without, not from within. According to this, the difference is the most significant source of inspiration, and it is on us to manage the transfer and join the elements. But what about that difference?

With five studios around the globe, colleagues from over 30 nationalities and numerous international clients, we constantly experience the variety between all sorts of cultures as well as the ways we are all the same. We love to constantly reflect and discuss this idea. It is fascinating to discover all the various ways of solving problems, innovating or living life.

Time to globally get analytic together: how does culture affect the design philosophy in a place? Why and how did products and systems develop to the state they are in today? And to go on: what is the role of design in this context today and what chances are there?

Stay tuned for answers from around the globe, insights from different angles and inspiring points of view.

Series 01: German vs. North American Design

The objects that surround us every day tell the story of our culture, the ideas we live our lives in. Often it is only when we travel and feel the strangeness of a new place that we recognize the differences to the place we left.

In this series, we hope to highlight the ways that national design philosophies may differ, how these philosophies impact the objects we interact with every day, and how they may, sometimes, be combined to create a truly innovative solution.

Read part I "German Design” and part II "North American Design” now on Medium.


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