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CMT 2020

Insights from the Leading Trade Show for Caravan Motor and Tourism

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Besides the big crowd, outdoor, individuality and adventure were the latest trends seen at the trade show.

Our trade show insights show specific developments, in addition to what is generally known, and indicates new trends and expectations.

Outdoor for Every Taste and Purse

Conspicuous, besides the huge visitor rush, is the wide range of camping solutions. From small and relatively price-conscious to absolutely opulent luxury versions.

The compact solutions spotted at the trade show are particularly variable, unfoldable, and convertible, impressing with clever details. Manufacturers promise us an uncomplicated and uncapricious experience of nature.

Emotion is the Key

Technically, the subject of caravans has long been mastered. Today, it is mainly about expressing a unique attitude towards life and implementing this philosophy in caravans and motorhomes.

"My home is my castle," also on two, four or six wheels. This idea is achieved with vehicle designs that revive the "good old days" in both exterior and interior, with a particular choice of materials and colors.

Holidays are an emotional time when you reward yourself for the work of the rest of the year.

Camper is also a life's dream that one decides after long and careful consideration. That is why many people here are looking for an environment that suits their wishes and preferences.

A camper is a statement to neighbors and friends. It is like a second skin, whereby style, appearance, and value are of great importance besides the purely technical function.


Electromobility has now arrived to the field of caravans and motor homes. It offers, for example, the possibility of the drive support of an electric car with e- caravan or the self-sufficient energy installation over a more extended period.

In the case of motor homes, e-Mobility enables locally emission-free operation, e.g., in city centers, protects the environment, and minimizes noise.

No Limits!

Financially or in the direct sense of the word, the limits are open at the top. Whether you are a rock star, oil sheik on a falcon hunt, or convertible fan, you don't have to give up the freedom and independence that camping offers. The range of manufacturers provides a tailor-made solution for almost every imaginable niche. All you have to do is decide.

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