15 Years Of The World’s
Most Popular Power Tool

Bosch IXO

15 years of IXO Design by TEAMS

Product Design Power Tools Bosch Industrial Products IXO 2018

15 years Back in time, our team of designers and visionaries collaborated closely with Bosch’s research and development team to create a joy-of-use experience through a DIY tool, all while maintaining the characteristic efficiency of Bosch products. We aimed to reach those with previously little or no affection in using traditional power tools and give them a versatile, always ready-to-go companion.

The IXO, a small, ergonomic and intuitive power tool, popular not only among DIY enthusiasts, has served as the little helping hand for driving screws, assembling furniture, opening wine bottles, seasoning dishes, firing up the coal on a barbecue, cutting various materials and even trimming grass and shrubs.

Celebrating 15 years of the most sold power tool worldwide designed by TEAMS is such an honor. With the IXO we have been able to capture an entirely new market category and bring another level of emotion to power tools.

Learn more about the IXO anniversary edition, visit: bosch-presse.de

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