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Awards 2021

One Million Thanks!

It is incredibly rewarding to create human-centered products and services that address real market needs, as well as helping our partners to lead, inspire markets and tell their story in more accurate ways. Parallel to our work outcomes, other gratifying results have come.

Here we want to share those awards obtained during the present year. For those, we are cheerful and grateful. We thank our partners for the vast amount of confidence in every single project we have collaborated which also encourages us to continue creating Products of Empathy.

VerkehrsRundschau - Froklift Champion - STILL RX 20-16P / Li-Ion

VerkehrsRundschau has been carrying out practical tests on forklifts for many years. The forklift with the best overall rating in the last two years, the STILL RX 20-16, has now been honored with a prize as the Forklift champion. According to the jury, the latest generation of the forklift RX20 is the best forklift truck they have ever tested at the VerkehrsRundschau.

For additional info about the award, please visit

iF Design Award / Reddot Design Award - HITACHI Air Conditioning Wall Controller

HITACHI air conditioning wall controller is a wired remote controller for residential and commercial spaces, created in successful collaboration with HITACHI-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc. Improved visibility on display, simplified navigation, and aesthetics that integrate with interiors are some of the characteristics of the controller. The cover's wave shape is a visual language and a user-tested ergonomic benefit to a more comfortable touch angle.


More about the recognition on the iF World Design Guide and the Reddot Design Award.

iF Award - Dräger UI Design System

Dräger Safety and TEAMS developed a digital design system based on Dräger’s brand identity, which, together with Dräger’s networked hardware, provides a complete and intuitive user experience. The system was designed to meet the needs of stakeholders involved in the development of UIs so that they are properly utilized. The system includes various settings, libraries, and coded components, resulting in a professional, effective solution with adept use of various design elements, such as color, font, signals, icons, and sound.


For additional info about the Award, visit the iF World Design Guide website.

iF Award - Bosch GWS 24 JZ / Angle grinder

The new Bosch angle grinder is a product designed in collaboration with our long-term partners from Bosch for heavy-duty applications in metal construction. During these applications, metal dust and grinding particles are sucked into the tool's cooling vents, which eventually damage the motor and other internal components, leading to downtime and expensive repairs. CYCLON TECH addresses this pain point by providing integrated dust protection for the internal components. 

Info about the award visit iF World Design Guide

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