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One Million Thanks!

It is incredibly rewarding to create human-centered products and services that address real market needs, as well as helping our partners to lead, inspire markets and tell their story in more accurate ways. Parallel to our work outcomes, other gratifying results have come.

Here we want to share those awards we have obtained during 2018. For those, we are cheerful and grateful. We thank our partners for the vast amount of confidence in every single project we have collaborated which also encourages us to continue creating Products of Empathy.

IF Design Award - KA 5 Air Purifier / Air treatment

The iF Product Design Award is a symbol of design excellence around the world.

The Kärcher KA 5 air purifier, is a slim cylindrical device, with an almost invisible touch display that can be placed in a room discreetly. The easy -change filter system facilitates individual adjustment of the filters to eliminate smog, animal smells, hair, and many other impurities of the air quality.  The smart operation allows monitoring of the air quality and device control via an app.

More info about the product and the award here.

UX Design Awards - Bosch UniversalDetect

The UX Design Awards is a competition for user experience, annually presented at the global consumer technology show IFA in Germany.

The Bosch UniversalDetect, awarded at the UX Design awards, is a highly ergonomic, easy-to-use detection device for DIY enthusiasts. It enables vivid user guidance, ensuring straightforward and intuitive operations. Specific usage instructions are integrated within the tool; therefore, no manual is required.

More about this Award here.

Red Dot - Power Amplifier L3600FD

The L3600FD is a professional DSP amplifier from DYNACORD, for demanding live performances and mobile application.

This device stands for solid technology engineered in Germany and combines precisely tuned form and functionality. Superior quality and sufficient capacity are some of the characteristics of the amplifier.

The L3600FD was awarded the Red Dot 2018 as functional, and sober design with an elevated quality standard.

More about the award here.

Red Dot - Bosch Tronic 7000i T

The Bosch Tronic 7000i T, is an electric storage water heater by Bosch, awarded with the Red Dot award 2018. This high-quality device is based on precise geometries that make it blend discreetly with any living environment. Easy to use, this user-friendly water heater detects individual user routines, operating as efficiently as possible.

Read more about the award here.

Red Dot - Column Sound System Evolve 50

The Evolve 50 by Electrovoice, is a light weighted, elegant and portable column sound system. Its excellent audio quality, high output power, and portability suits perfectly for mobile DJs, entertainers, bands, and singers. The system consists of eight 3.5” full range drivers and a 12” subwoofer powered by a three-channel amplifier. It is easy to set up, and connect. According to the Red Dot jury, “the Evolve 50 is an all-round successful product. It convinces with its technical equipment, state-of-the-art design and a high degree of portability.”

Learn more about the award here.


The Berleen by Kalkhoff, awarded with the Red Dot 2018, is a compact eye-catching e-bike, highly technical advanced made for riding on large cities. The bicycle was carefully designed down to the last detail with the stem integrated to the headset and handlebar in one single form.


With close collaboration with the Kalkhoff development group, we were able to connect a multi-level visual brand language with robust engineering, and remarkable quality, bringing the final design to a new level. 


Learn more about the award here.

Red Dot - Dräger PAC series

The Red Dot is an international product and communication design award given by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany.

The Pac Series from Dräger awarded in the product design category is composed of fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use single-gas detectors. This series is carefully re-designed to improve the visual impact of the product, giving the user an intuitive understanding of the type of gas sensor installed, Dräger is the only company that is capable of this resource-friendly solution in the area of single-gas detectors.

More information about this award here.

IFOY Award - STILL RX 20

The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year - IFOY AWARD is an Independent organization supported by the German Ministry for Economy Affairs and Energy. 

This Year’s award in the category Counter Balanced Truck was for the STILL RX 20 electric forklift. This powerful, compact, energy efficient truck series with outstanding handling performance, is also impressively agile, precise and with superior comfort levels.

Observeur du design - STILL FM-X

Observeur du design is the French National Design Award supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economy and Finance in France and the World Design Organization (WDO).

The STILL FM-X truck awarded with the French grant in the category of Environmental Changes is compact and particularly agile in narrow aisles, powered by a fuel cell that reduces CO2 emissions. It is also equipped with a system for active stabilization of loads that limits vibration when loading at a high height.

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