Working Safe and Secure

A+A Trade Show

Insights From the Largest Event for Safety and Health at Work

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"Nowadays nobody wants, and has to get, their hands dirty anymore. That's why companies in heavy-duty industries are competing in favor of their employees. They try to provide everything to do their work as safe and as pleasant as possible."

Johanna Frerichs, TEAMS Hamburg Senior Designer and Project Lead

People Matter

This statement sums up what we learned at this year's A+A international fair for safety, security, and health at work in Düsseldorf. PEOPLE MATTER.

Work environment has always been in flux. New technologies drive workers constantly into new workflows. Due to protection measures and employment protection legislation, as well as improved equipment, the reasons for occupational accidents 90 % negligence, only 10 % are based on operational issues.

Next to physical health, other security issues get more attention, such as stress levels caused by the excessive use of mobile phones. Data security management, and the safety precautions with our new colleagues, the cobots – collaborative robots.

Monitoring Leakage in real-time

At Honeywell, the connection of all company-owned products on one digital platform is planned, which will be an enormous benefit for the client. On the way to Industry 4.0, Cloud Data Collection is key. This is an excellent example of where the future industries, but mainly stationary and mobile gas measuring systems, are heading to. Everything is connected, 24/7 monitored, and the information is from everywhere retrievable.

Specialize your Work

The application-driven areas are more focused. Unique solutions are developed for challenging work conditions in tricky places.

Exoskeletons provide support to work more safely and independently. They help to avoid injuries when performing hazardous jobs and are mainly developed inhouse to increase their efficiency and protect their employees. A lot of experimental testing has been completed, but some concepts are already used in real workflows.

Gaining Radiance

For many years, within the reflective material field, functionality was the main priority no design. Finally, design conquers this area. Companies have started to differentiate themselves with their designs, without losing, but gaining radiance.

This idea of bringing a bit more individuality into protection clothing in heavy industries. It expresses dynamism, vibrancy, flexibility, and movement. Good looking equipment also motivates workers and increases pride, encouraging them to wear it on the job.

Enjoyable work clothes that feel like your pajamas

Light, stretchy, comfy materials are everywhere on the A+A. Materials become smarter, lighter, more breathable, and more robust. Especially gloves benefit from this development. According to producers, they become like a second skin.

Sustainability is a big topic and a marketing tool as in the fashion industry. Casual fashion trends influence work apparel continuously. Extra strong jeans, leather safety shoes, and helmets looking like caps are just a few examples.

Companies also pay money to make it even more special for their employees, by branding this casual clothing like a fashion brand.