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Agritechnica 2019

Technologic Innovations for Agriculture

Agritechnica Trend & Market Research Trade Show Agriculture Agritech
"Interaction with mobile data controls the production processes of sustainable agriculture."

Ulrich Schweig, TEAMS Hamburg Managing Partner.

Digital Mission

The workplace in the mobile agricultural world today consists mainly of digital interactions between people and machines. These workplaces resemble the control centers of large industrial plants. The stakeholder can control the data volume, and other automatic features either from the truck seat or from a location outside the driver's cabin.

Big, Big Solutions

Agricultural efficiency records are surpassed using ever-larger vehicles, machinery, and attachments.  Crawler tracks are increasingly used to make these large vehicles maneuverable on farmland. Is the fictional caterpillar drive becoming reality and replacing the previous wheel technology?

Performance Design

To position new products with new technologies in the agricultural market, the brands very successfully make use of an extraordinary performance design. Strength, lightness, maneuverability, speed, size, and penetrating power are elements highlighted in this industry. The customer expects a technology-driven, staged transportation design and is the top criterion when making a purchase decision.

Flying Farming

Today, autonomous copters are already working the fields from the air. They provide data on the composition of the plants, the weather, and the soil.

Next Robotic Culture

In robotics, the industry shows various solutions. Volume tractor/tractor robots are supposed to pull the high-tech attachments over large estates. In harmony with nature and technology, entirely new possibilities open up through the use of small mobile autonomous tracked vehicles that cultivate the field.

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Readable Data

Farmers are capable of having an overview of all their farm/business information from a mobile phone or tablet and a stationary workstation. This enables the farmers to make the right decisions and quickly operate a cost-oriented and sustainable agriculture.

Next Generation

A young generation of tech-savvy farmers is burgeoning. The farm heroes of the future will produce food for society with networked data combined with high-tech technology. They compete to have a word in the future market and use holistic economic concepts of high tech farming to do so.

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